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Stadtwerke summer cinema, Fiege open-air, NRW film locations: open-air cinemas throughout the region are once again inviting you to see new releases and classics.

As soon as the temperatures constantly fluctuate somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and even the sunset promises only minimal cooling, we are happy to move all activities outside: swimming in the open air, barbecuing with the family, putting your feet up on the patio at home and some people even move that Home office on the sun lounger.

However, something else is also very popular: Watching films in the open air has blossomed into an absolute hit among summer activities in recent years.

Open-air cinemas in Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen

And after a long dry spell – even without record heat – open-air venues throughout the region are knocking their improvised cinema seats free of the dust of the past two years.

The summer cinemas invite you again, above all the prestigious Stadtwerke Sommerkino Open Air in the landscape park Duisburg-Nord with 40 films over 40 days. However, the starting signal for the season is delivered by a different outdoor screen. We have put together a selection of this year’s venues.

Siegen open air cinemas

Anniversary for the Siegen open-air cinemas: For 25 years, the series has been showing selected films in the open air. The open-air cinema celebrated its premiere on June 16th. The program runs until August 21st. packed with comedy (“Contra”), drama (“Wonderful”) and action (“Top Gun: Maverick”), among others. The performance on 7.8. Young people can shape it themselves, with young visitors in particular voting online in advance which film will be shown: “Dr. Strange” or rather “Sonic 2”?

Fiege Open Air Cinema Bochum

The open-air cinema in Bochum starts today, Thursday, with a new film about old times: Leander Haussmann’s “Stasikomödie”. After “Sonnenallee” and “NVA” it is the third part of Haussmann’s GDR trilogy. Until August 3rd, cineastes can look forward to films such as “Bang Boom Bang” (almost a must for a Ruhr area city), “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “House of Gucci”. The films start at nightfall, before that the family brewery entertains its guests with live music, gastronomy and small events.

And more good news: On July 14th and 31st, WAZ subscribers receive free entry at the box office on presentation of the original coupon from the benefit booklet (the coupon is limited to one person). The current benefit booklet can here be ordered.

Film Nights Dortmund

The Dortmund Film Nights are officially opening this Thursday – and are action-packed. The latest Bond flickers across the screen: “No time to die”. Otherwise, the open-air cinema shows new films such as “Topgun Maverick” and “Elvis” as well as older films such as “Dirty Dancing” and “Stromberg – the film” – the film nights are therefore diverse in terms of genre. A highlight: On August 9, the venue will show the multivision show “Natural Wonders of the Earth – The Changing World” with speaker Nasim Reza-Tehrani.

Open-air light show Moers

The open-air light show in the castle courtyard at the Grafschafter Museum in Moers almost completely ignores Hollywood blockbusters and starts with a feature film that won the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2017: the satire “The Square”. In addition to films such as “Lion”, “Out of Nowhere” and “The Wave”, the Grafschafter Museum also has a special screening ready. In cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Moers, “The Unbowed” will be shown, a documentary about the history of women in the Bonn Republic.

Film locations NRW

The event series of the same name organized by the Medienstiftung NRW proves that film locations can also tour. For 25 years, the cinematic tour has stopped at several locations in the country. First stop: Rheinberg. The film “Hampstead Park” starring Diane Keaton and John Gleeson will be shown in Orsoy Historic Town. A struggle that welds together for a hut in the countryside – suits the tranquil Orsoy. Other programs include the Hollywood drama “A Star Is Born” in Dinslaken, the German comedy “Contra” in Waltrop and the still current 1960s comedy “We Want Sex” in Iserlohn. But the ski jumper biopic “Eddie The Eagle” in Winterberg is probably the most appropriate.

PSD Bank Summer Cinema Dortmund

The Dortmund summer cinema on the Seebühne focuses on a mix of new and old, with German comedies in particular being on the program from July to August, including “Generation Relationship Unable”, “Enclosed Society”, “Bang Boom Bang” and “Love Things”. Between the screen heroes also mix live performances, for example the “Quatsch Comedy Club” will be making a guest appearance on August 5th with a show for the 30th anniversary, Serdar Somuncu and Arnd Zeigler will also be there.

“Movies with friends” Dinslaken

The film festival is small but mighty in the Dinslaken castle courtyard and in the Lohberg colliery workshop. The screen is illuminated here over three weekends, starting with the French feel-good thriller “Murder in St. Tropez” with Christian Clavier as Inspector Boulin. Otherwise, the Oscar-winning “King Richard”, the latest “Spiderman – No Way Home” and the blockbuster “Dune” are hand in hand.

Stadtwerke summer cinema in Duisburg

“40 days, 40 films” is the name of the program in the renowned Stadtwerke summer cinema. This year, the open-air season focuses on innovations and highlights from previous years. The opening event shows the German Sönke Wortmann comedy “Enclosed Society”. In the further course, the summer cinema also relies on exports from the USA (“Jurassic World”), Spain (“Parallel Mothers”), Great Britain (“Downton Abbey”) and France (“Monsieur Claude and his big party”), among others. The last, the third and newest part of the “Monsieur Claude” series is presented by WAZ and NRZ. For the performance on July 21st at Stadtwerke Sommerkino there is here 20×2 cards to win.

Open-air cinema Zollverein in Essen

With its programme, the open-air cinema at the Zollverein grazes through the classics and cinema highlights from the last few decades. As a result, treasures such as “Pina – dance, dance, otherwise we are lost” (2011) and “The Graduate Examination” (1967) end up on the fairly manageable list. And here, too, there is a bonus: at the beginning of the screenings, the KinoEulen project presents special short films.

Film nights under the stars Düsseldorf

You don’t even know where to look first: at the screen or at the Rhine? The film nights on the banks of the Rhine combine both. Those who can still concentrate on the cinema in the Rheinpark will see the well-tried mix of new and old this season. However, visitors can also be surprised every now and then, “Joker Nights” mix between James Bond, Spider-Man, Elvis and Thor – then “a particularly popular or a brand new film is shown”.

Stadtwerke Sommerkino Wesel

The Stadtwerke Sommerkino am Auesee is short and painless, but in front of a breathtaking backdrop. For the four dates, the organizing Comet-Cine-Center only focuses on current cinema highlights: “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Elvis”, “Love Things” and “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets”. The film evenings are accompanied by a summery beach atmosphere and live music.

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