Opening several life insurance policies, a wise strategy

The French have an often narrow conception of their heritage strategy: a single main residence, a single booklet A (one per person in a household), a PEA can be and… a single life insurance contract. Of course, the law forbids us to display several principal residences, several booklets A and, of course, several spouses… On the other hand, nothing prevents us from holding several life insurance contracts.

Should you keep your old life insurance policy?

In many cases, in fact, this diversification proves to be judicious. Too many French people find themselves, for example, “blocked” with an old, inefficient contract, but which they do not want to sell, often rightly so, because it has reached its eight-year tax maturity. But nothing obliges them to continue to feed these old contracts often loaded with entry fees. On the contrary, they would have every interest in opening a more modern and efficient contract.

And why stop at just one? It exists

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