Opera GX: A browser for gamers, with lots of bells and whistles

Of course, in a world where people use a browser to connect to the Internet every day, each browser vendor tries to emphasize the merits of its own product. The data collected, which can be viewed via platforms such as Statista, differ in some cases when it comes to which browser is used how much. What is clear, however, is that Chrome has absolute market power. This is not surprising since Chrome, along with Microsoft Edge and Safari, are the browsers that come pre-installed with all internet-enabled devices.

While the big ones are undefeated and the former top dog Firefox is on the decline, small companies keep popping up that find tailor-made solutions for specific users with their browsers. With a market share of two to three percent, Opera (buy now ) occupies the largest position in the segment of smaller providers. With a second version, Opera GX, they are also the only browser provider that is specifically aimed at the needs of gamers.

What makes Opera GX different?

Opera GX is based on the open source Chromium and is very similar to Google Chrome or Edge in terms of its basic structure. which are also based on Chromium. Nevertheless, there are differences to the standard browsers that affect both the design and the functionalities.

When the team around Maciej Kocemba, Product Director at Opera, was at Gamescom for the first time in 2019, they didn’t have their own booth. Instead, they walked around and grabbed people who were waiting in very long lines for their next play-off sessions . From this, the team developed two conclusions: Gamers find the idea of ​​a gaming browser amusing – but find the idea of ​​a product tailored to them cool.

Maciej Kocemba – Product Director at Opera

Maciej Kocemba – Product Director at Opera

Source: Opera

The surveys resulted in a browser that is slower than what already exists: “It sounds stupid to launch a browser that is basically inferior in performance, but that’s what a browser for gamers should be .” So Maciej. After all, the gateway to the Internet must not eat up the resources intended for a running game, and whether a window loads a few milliseconds slower makes no difference to most people.

Opera GX: A browser for gamers, with lots of bells and whistles (2)

Opera GX: A browser for gamers, with lots of bells and whistles (2)

Source: PC games

Target group PC gamers

One thing is clear: Opera GX is intended for PC gamers who would like to have a browser open at the same time. With a CPU and RAM limiter, you always have control over how many resources the browser eats up and can even see how many resources individual tabs swallow. This can then be eliminated in the truest sense of the word using the integrated function of the Hot Tab Killer.

Ultimately, the Hot Tab Killer is just a very flowery name for the feature that allows the browser to close tabs that are consuming a certain threshold of PC performance.

This is accompanied by sword sound and a nice animation cutting through the tab. In addition, there is the GX Cleaner, with which you can delete cache, cookies and all histories with one keystroke and at the same time always get an overview of the current cookies and browser data volume.

Both functions are located in the sidebar, which when used pushes a window in front of the browser without opening a new tab. This is customizable and can be filled with a number of messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, but also player-specific platforms such as Discord or Twitch, and a music player of your choice.

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