Operation: Gladbeck: Two fires in shops almost at the same time

There was a fire in a clothing store in Gladbeck. When the fire brigade was there, there was another fire in another store.

A clothes rack caught fire in a clothing store on Monday. The fire brigade was called to the store on Hochstrasse shortly before 1 p.m. The Gladbeck fire brigade responded with full-time fire and rescue services as well as the “Mitte” and “Brauck” fire engines from the volunteer fire brigade. Upon arrival at the scene, it was found that the fire had already been successfully fought by a prudent passer-by using a powder fire extinguisher. The shop and the adjacent shopping street of the shopping center in which the clothing store was located were slightly smoked and were mechanically ventilated by the fire brigade.

Passers-by report another fire on the other side of the street

Even before the fire brigade’s measures were completed, a passer-by reported to the emergency services another fire in a clothes rack in a clothing store on the opposite side of the street. This fire was immediately extinguished by the volunteer fire brigade using a bucket sprayer. This shop was then also smoked out. Thanks to the prudent actions of the passer-by and the quickly initiated measures by the emergency services on site, the fire could be prevented from spreading to other parts of the shop fittings.

Nobody was injured during this operation. The scene was handed over to the police to determine the cause of the fire. (red)

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