Operations continue to find the rest of the money stolen from the young man

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | 7:36 a.m.

Through the window of a house located a few meters from National Route 14, criminals entered the home of a 24-year-old girl in San Vicente from where they took a handbag containing almost 11,000,000 in pesos, reais, and dollars. Americans, along with a large amount of his family’s jewelry. But thanks to the rapid action of members of the Regional Unit VIII of the Misiones Police, it was possible to find suspects in the case and recover a large part of what was stolen.

Beyond the successful investigation, the uniformed officers continued yesterday with the investigations to find the rest of the loot, as well as those more involved in the event, since it is not ruled out that those apprehended could have had the collaboration of an accomplice.

The police intervention began on Sunday at noon, when Lorena P. (24) requested the immediate presence of the Police at her home located near kilometer 980 of National Route 14.

Before the uniformed officers, the woman narrated that a couple of minutes before she noticed that strangers had stolen a leatherette wallet from a bathroom sector of the house that was hidden and where her family kept their savings.

According to the estimates made by the complainant, inside the bag there were 30,000 US dollars, 10,000 reais and 10,000 euros, broken down into bills of different denominations. In addition, several gold jewelry were also kept in the wallet.

And according to the victim, according to her suspicions, those responsible would have entered the property through a window located on one side of the property.

Among the information provided by the young woman, mention was also made of the suspicions that fell from her environment on two electricians who had entered the house the day before to carry out different maintenance work in the house. Since they maintained that the only ones outside the family environment to know the interior of the house were these two people.

With the suspicion, investigations of the Investigation Brigade of the VIII Regional Unit carried out different inquiries until they managed to find the address of the alleged perpetrators. Then, with the authorization of the Trial Court Three of San Vicente, they carried out a search at an address located on the same route 14, but about three kilometers from the place of the robbery.

The electrician, identified as Edgardo A. (21) and his alleged assistant, Martín M. (29), were arrested in the building. While the young man’s mother, spontaneously and collaboratively with the police investigators, delivered the leatherette case with cash inside and various jewelry, although she added that she did not know the origin of these objects.

In total, 6,496 US dollars, 3,690 reais, 8,940 euros and several gold chains, bracelets and rings were seized that hours later were recognized by the victim.

In figures

During the raid, the Police recovered $6,496. 3,690 reais and 8,940 euros were also seized.

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