Operations in Essen: collision with bus and accident on A52

Operations in Essen: collision with bus and accident on A52

The fire brigade and rescue service had to be called out twice in Essen: once to an accident with a bus, once to a major accident on the A52.

The fire brigade and rescue service had two major operations in Essen on Saturday afternoon: At noon, the fire brigade and the rescue service were called to a traffic accident involving a bus in Essen-Schonnebeck. The first emergency services saw that a bus had collided with a van in the area of ​​the intersection. In addition to the driver of the van and the bus driver, five passengers were also slightly injured in the impact.

After an emergency doctor’s inspection, a total of three patients had to be taken to the hospital for further treatment. The fire brigade supported the rescue service in treating the injured. Three ambulances, two emergency doctor vehicles, the senior emergency doctor, an emergency fire engine and a command vehicle were deployed here.

After about an hour, the fire brigade’s operation was over. The cause of the accident is unclear, the police are investigating.

Accident involving five vehicles on the A52

Three hours later, the fire and rescue services were called again to a traffic accident. This time on the A52 in the direction of Dortmund. Five vehicles collided here in the construction site area near Essen-Rüttenscheid. A total of four people and a dog were slightly injured. After on-site care, two patients had to be taken to hospitals.

The dog was secured in a pet carrier, which was destroyed on impact. The animal apparently sustained injuries and was taken to a veterinarian by relatives.

Due to the many emergency vehicles and the vehicles involved in accidents in the construction site area, it was no longer possible for other road users to get through. The A52 had to be completely blocked in the direction of Dortmund for around an hour. Here, too, the cause of the accident is still unclear. (red)

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