OPPO digital car key is the first to adapt to the ideal L9 to provide a stable and reliable sensorless unlocking experience

OPPO announced today that the OPPO digital car key will be the first to adapt to the global smart flagship SUV, the Ideal L9. The ideal L9 car owner who uses OPPO mobile phone 1 no longer needs a physical car key to complete the door unlocking, and can experience a more efficient, stable and convenient non-sensing unlocking experience.

Users only need to open the “Wallet” application of the OPPO mobile phone and follow the process operation 2 to quickly complete the “car key” card binding. When the user is close to the ideal L9, the bottom layer of the system will wake up the Bluetooth unlocking service of the vehicle, providing a smoother, more stable and non-sensing unlocking experience.

As early as December 2020, the OPPO digital car key was first adapted to the Ideal One, bringing a stable and reliable sensorless unlocking experience to OPPO mobile phone users. In March 2021, with the release of the OPPO Find X3 series, OPPO released the car butler function for the first time. Users can easily view the pure electric and fuel battery life of the ideal One on the negative screen of the ColorOS desktop, and realize remote opening and closing of doors, honking to find cars, Control the air conditioner in the car, bringing a more convenient vehicle remote control experience. In August of the same year, OPPO also teamed up with Ideal Auto to bring the watch control car 3 function to OPPO Watch 2 users for the first time. Vehicle remote control experience.

As the world’s leading innovator of smart devices, OPPO has always been user-centric and continues to achieve a better user experience through technological innovation. In September 2019, OPPO officially announced the establishment of the “Car-Machine Integration” business to fully explore the seamless connection between mobile phones and travel scenarios. At the ODC Developer Conference in October 2021, OPPO announced its first mobility-oriented solution: OPPO Zhixing.

OPPO Zhixing is committed to creating a full-link seamless travel experience. It is a systematic and multi-end travel solution from hardware to software, including digital car keys, car butler, Car+ car connection, watch car control, etc. System-level core capabilities. More than 80 brands have adopted the OPPO Smart Mobility solution, and it is expected that the technology will be implemented in 30 million vehicles by 2022, bringing more users a stable, reliable, efficient and convenient travel experience.

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