Opponents of the German YouTuber declare him a Norway bomber

YouTuber Rainer Winkler has had enemies for a long time. Now the haters went further than ever – and made him the assassin of Norway. Media from all over the world fell for it.

Rainer Winkler alias the “Dragon Lord” was a lot. However, he has not yet been considered a five-time murderer.

The 32-year-old is not either – even if the presumption could be read in some media around the world on Wednesday and Thursday: After the violence in Kongsberg in Norway, the web video producer was presented in the photo as a suspected perpetrator. In fact, a 37-year-old Dane murdered there with a bow and arrow.

Norway: Archer kills at least five people

In Kongsberg, Norway, a man shot at least five people with a bow and arrow. The perpetrator was arrested, the motive is so far unclear. (Source: Reuters)

Attack in Kongsberg: Here a man shot at least five people with bows and arrows, the police made a statement after the arrest. (Source: Reuters)

Behind the hoax is the latest coup from a community that sees it as a sport to provoke Winkler. The Dragon Lord haters call themselves “Haider” – that is the Franconian pronunciation of “Hater”. Winkler lives in the district of Altschauerberg in the Franconian market town of Emskirchen, which has 40 inhabitants. The YouTuber talks a lot about himself on many channels, likes to rage and plays for videos in front of the camera on the computer – or in itself: Dragon Lord videos were also available on a porn platform.

Questionable “game” has been running for years

With his provocative manner and corresponding statements, Rainer “Drachenlord” Winkler already pitted part of the network against himself years ago. He always enjoys new provocations and sees himself as part of a “dragon game”.

But his opponents try again and again, sometimes with criminal methods, to get Winkler to give up. At his home in Altschauerberg it gets loud regularly because Winkler allows himself to be provoked by uninvited visitors. That has already led to larger police operations, because “Haider” had arranged to meet in town.

Use in Altschauerberg: The photo was taken during a prohibited demo against the Youtuber. Now even more bans apply in the district of the market town of Emskirchen – in the hope that it will be quieter (archive photo). (Source: David Oßwald / NEWS5 / dpa)

The new – depending on your point of view – high or low point began on Wednesday evening at 9:28 p.m., three hours after the crime in Kongsberg in Norway. An account from the scene tweeted screenshots from an old video as “Breaking News”, combined with the alleged reference: “The alleged perpetrator ‘Rainer Winklarson’ announced the crime several days in advance on his YouTube channel and even demonstrated his shooting skills. ” The owner of the account had only transferred the name Rainer Winkler into Scandinavian.

It’s not the first time that the YouTuber has been falsely accused in tweets immediately after an act of violence. A Romanian TV broadcaster had therefore already presented him as a perpetrator.

More credibility through @Terror_Alarm

This time, the accusation got particular credibility from some foreign journalists because a Twitterer supposedly specializing in terrorist situations also took part. “@Terror_Alarm” hadn’t lingered long with an exam. Already at 9:40 pm he passed on the fictitious message: “The suspect identified as white Norwegian Christian” Rainer Winklarson “.

Media from many European countries, but also from Asia, then reported that there was a suspect and showed the fake picture with the invented name.

Even the Italian news agency Ansa reported that photos of the perpetrator had emerged showing him training with a bow and arrow. After all, Ansa wrote that the name of Rainer Winklarson had not been confirmed by the police. A backward search with the image could have quickly clarified who it is. The glee and ridicule of journalists in the “Haider” community were correspondingly great.

Many other users in the social networks were stunned by the way Winkler was treated. On the other hand, there was speculation among “Haidern” that Winkler was one of the few people who was not harmed by the action.

This is due to Winkler’s almost tragic situation: If he is terribly upset about attacks in videos or on his doorstep, it attracts him accordingly. The provocations of his opponents and his reactions to them are the main reason why he has viewers and also donors.

And Winkler sees his job and calling in his work in front of the camera: he just wants to make a living from it. Winkler believes that he has achieved something with his dubious celebrity status and that he cannot find any other source of income as a special school student.

“Dragon Lord” has to go to court

At least temporarily, however, the “dragon game” could soon be over. In a few days, Winkler will be on trial for dangerous bodily harm, among other things. He had freaked out when faced with spontaneous visitors and apparently hit a “Haider” with a flashlight. His opponents had filmed the situation. Because Winkler already has a criminal record and had not done community hours, he is now even threatened with imprisonment.

The negotiations will not take place in the building of the competent court in Neustadt an der Aisch. For security reasons, the trial was moved to the Nuremberg Criminal Justice Center. The “Haider” also want to come.

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