Opportunity: invest in bricks, a safe form of savings in La Plata

With the exchange rate uncertainty and financial volatility in the country, investment “in the brick” is a safe form of savings, whether it is the purchase in wells or investment in trusts.

One of them is in the construction of the apartment tower “E63”located in the center of La Plata, on Calle 63 between 11 and 12.


The resistant structures are made of reinforced concrete placed in situ and the masonry exterior walls will be executed with ceramic bricks.

The facilities will comply with the requirements of the Building Code. The installation of hot and cold water will be made with thermofused pipes. The gas system will be with Sigas-type pipes and the electrical installations with embedded boxes and Acindar iron pipes.

Another key is in the carpentry, where there will be solid wood doors, aluminum openings and fronts and interior plate wardrobes.

As for the finishes, porcelain floors will be placed throughout the apartment with top quality ceramic coatings. The artifacts and bathroom accessories will be Ferrum. The kitchen with granite countertops. All main rooms will have plaster ceilings.


floor discount 4B1 bedroom, surface approx 49 m2

floor discount 6A1 bedroom, surface approx 49 m2

duplex apartment 7A2 bedrooms plus garage, sup approx 89 m2


Calle 48 n 92 floor 1 F

Tel: 221 590 2223

WhatsApp: 221 428 7919

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