Orelsan announces the release of 15 vinyls of "Civilization" in limited editions

As was the case for the CD formats of the project, unveiled last October, each disc corresponds to one of the titles of the album.

After offering his fans his album Civilization in limited CD editions, Orelsan announced on Tuesday that 15 exclusive versions of his project would be released on vinyl.

As was already the case when the release of Civilization in CD format, each disc will be linked to one of the fifteen titles of the album thanks to unique visuals, printed directly on the vinyl. The different versions of the album are limited to 1,500 copies each and available for sale from 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

diamond disc

Since its release last November, Civilization continues to chain records. The best-selling album in France in 2021 – despite a release at the end of the year – Orelsan’s 4th studio album sold more than 138,929 copies a week after it went on sale.

He thus dethroned the dazzling start of the project Two brothers of the duo PNL and allowed the rapper from Caen to win a platinum disc in the space of seven days.

But the excitement around Civilization does not stop there: at the end of April, the album passed the milestone of 500,000 copies sold in just 5 months and 10 days, according to SNEP. Thanks to this feat, Orelsan becomes the first artist in the history of rap to obtain a diamond disc so quickly.

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