ORF fee increase decided by the Board of Trustees

The ORF program fee will be increased by eight percent in 2022. The Board of Trustees decided this today with a clear majority: 26 of the 30 eligible voters (the five works councils are not entitled to this issue) voted in favor, three against.

The vote of a foundation council was lost because it could not be represented. The three boards of trustees of the FPÖ “Circle of Friends” voted against the adjustment.

The program fee to be paid by households that are subject to GIS for ORF radio and television use increases by five cents to 60 cents per day or by 1.38 euros to 18.59 euros per month. First, however, the public council has the opportunity to comment.

Graph: APA/ORF.at

The media authority KommAustria must then determine the correctness of the calculations. The increase will come into force on March 1st at the earliest.

ORF General Director Alexander Wrabetz prepared the re-setting of the program fee in agreement with his designated successor, Roland Weißmann. As in the past, Wrabetz remains below the inflation adjustment with the proposal for an increase of eight percent.

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