Organized crime: Fight against clans, mafia and rockers: LKA relies on informants

The State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia often relies on undercover agents in the fight against organized crime. “Situation picture 2020” gives insights.

In the fight against organized crime (OK) in North Rhine-Westphalia, the police often rely on informants or undercover agents. As can be seen from the new “Organized Crime Situation” from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), a total of 80 procedures were operated 28 times with undercover agents and nine times with undercover agents. In addition, six people were accepted into the witness protection program.

“In the course of fighting OC, the investigative authorities are often dependent on information and tips from the personal environment of the criminally acting”, reports the LKA in the situation report that is available to the German press agency.

LKA: Telephone surveillance is becoming less important in the fight against organized crime

Hundreds of telephones were therefore tapped in 55 proceedings. However, less than before. According to the LKA, traditional telephone surveillance is becoming less and less important “due to the lack of prospect of obtaining information relevant to the investigation.” The perpetrators are now increasingly using encrypted messenger services.

In organized crime, the investigators target criminal groups that deal in drugs, for example. However, as in the case of the Cum-Ex investigation, white-collar crime is also a part of it. As a result of this procedure, the known “crime rates” within organized crime doubled to just under 544 million euros.

Clan crime: LKA NRW counts 36 arrest warrants

Clans: “Clan crime plays an essential role in the fight against OC”, says the situation report: “Of the 80 investigative proceedings of the OC recorded in 2020, 16 proceedings were dominated by clan families of Turkish-Arab origin. Your main criminal activities are in the area of ​​international drug trafficking and smuggling; But they also act in other areas of crime such as fraud, tax evasion or money laundering. “

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Last year, according to the LKA, 38 suspects were provisionally arrested in the said 16 proceedings, and arrest warrants were obtained against 36 suspects. “The criminal members of the clans achieved financial income of 9.5 million euros through their illegal activities.”

Mafia organizations use NRW as a “retreat and investment area”

Mafia: According to the LKA, the investigators know that the Italian Mafia uses NRW as a “retreat and investment area”, “based on long-term police findings and in-depth research”. “A large number of people and addresses in North Rhine-Westphalia act as contact points and are part of a network in the vicinity of well-known Mafia organizations, in particular the” ‘Ndrangheta “and the” Cosa Nostra “.

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“In 2020 there was only one arrest. For many of those involved, there was nothing concrete to prove. But leading mafiosi have also appeared who were key figures in the cocaine business abroad.

Rocker associations: LKA speaks of apparent self-dissolutions

Rocker: “The corona pandemic also had an impact on activities within the rocker scene in the reporting year,” the investigators state. Although the rocker clubs had to cancel “numerous particularly high-profile events” because of the corona measures, there is still a lot going on within the scene. New foundations, bans, (apparent) self-dissolutions.

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When it comes to crime, the rockers are broadly positioned: According to the situation report, leading members of “Hells Angels” and “Bandidos” were charged with violent crimes, drug trafficking, violations of the weapons law, as well as stolen vehicles, forgery of ID documents and fraud against the elderly in 2020 People identified. (dpa)

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