Organized crime fights to control Acapulco beaches

Jesus Guerrero
Reform Agency

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | 09:44

acapulco.- Criminal gangs dispute the sale of drugs, land charges and extortion on the beaches of the Golden Zone, where they have unleashed violence in recent days, despite the deployment of the Army, Navy and National Guard.

According to testimonies, one of the gangs operates on the beaches of Caleta, Caletilla and La Roqueta, and wants to spread to the other side of the port.

These are the La Condesa, Icacos and Calinda beaches, where there have been shootouts, with four people killed.

A confrontation occurred on November 16 between members of antagonistic groups who were aboard jet skis in the middle of the Bay of Santa Lucía, near the Calinda hotel, without registering victims.

After the weekend vacation, Icacos beach looks almost empty of tourists. Several booths selling beer and food are closed.

Only three elements of the Navy guard the entrance to the beach, on the side of the Costera Miguel Alemán, where on November 13 another shooting confrontation took place.

One of the street vendors assures that since last November 11, violence has intensified in that area, with the murder of a lifeguard.

“They confused him, stabbed him to death and slit his throat,” he says.

The murder of the lifeguard caused some hundred service providers from various beaches in this area of ​​the port to no longer go to work for fear of more shootings.

“Many colleagues removed their umbrellas, their jet skis or boats, because working here is very complicated,” said a service provider who requested anonymity.

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