Oscar Isaac teases Moon Knight fans: is a second season coming?

Despite the mixed reactions of critics and audiences around the first season of Moon Knight, a TV series focused on the Fist of Khonshu, something seems to be boiling in the pot for the future of the Marvel comics vigilante. Oscar Isaac, the absolute protagonist of the show, has in fact teased the fans with a TikTok that immediately went viral in which it seems to have anticipated the arrival of a second season.

new spot of Moon Knight
new spot of Moon Knight

Will the second season of Moon Knight take place?

In the video we see Oscar Isaac and director Mohamed Diab on a boat. When asked by a fan about the possible second season, the actor responds with a very eloquent statement: “Why else should we have been here in Cairo?”. At the moment no confirmation or denial has arrived from Marvel Studios, but the Moon Knight ending undoubtedly left the doors open to a narrative continuation. A few months ago a large part of the cast had stated that they were interested in returning in a possible sequel.

The director had also expressed his interest in returning to direct Oscar Isaac, perhaps exploring the character of Jake Lockey (the most violent alter ego), introduced only in the final stages of the first season. As we know from the comics, Moon Knight is suffering from dissociative identity disordera psychological pathology that has led him to develop other identities over the years.

In Moon Knight Oscar Isaac plays the role of Steven Grant aka Marc Spector aka The Knight of the Moon, the avatar of the Egyptian God Konshu, with whom he has made a pact. Steven Grant, a quiet souvenir shop assistant, doesn’t know who the dominant personality of the many is. Depending on the situation, one of them takes control without the others knowing what happens. M.oon Knight was also included in the new Marvel Studios introa sign that it could play a fundamental role in the next stages of the MCU.

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