Oscars, 6, tattoo! The prince surprises in the new family picture – everyone is thinking about the arm

It was not a particularly expected choice for the prince!

Daniel’s revelation with Estelle & Oscar – new details about family life at Haga!

After the commercial: Daniel’s revelation with Estelle & Oscar – new details about family life at Haga!


Turn on sound

Weekend fun with the family!

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel set off with the children and the dog Rio on a really fun adventure last Sunday.

Sunday afternoon was spent with fun activities in Haga Park. Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle ran Prince Daniel’s race on Pep Day.

Both the prince and princess received a medal for an extraordinary effort and we get to see lovely pictures of the whole family.

Is there anything better than running around in a park? Probably not!

Estelle & Oscar have great fun! Photo: TT

The alarm from inside the classrooms – four weeks after Prince Oscar started school

The strange & unusual detail – the prince’s tattoo

Yes, it’s not every day we see royalty with spikes…

Tattoos are not something that is expressly forbidden to the royals.

Married Princess Sofia, for example, has a tattoo on her back. However, it is usually covered when the princess is at public royal events. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has occasionally shown off a very clear tattoo, a shark on his leg.

Prince Oscar, on the other hand – he proudly and clearly rocked his cool police tattoo.

Prince Oscar rocks a cool temporary police tattoo

We’re guessing the tattoo comes off easily with a good soap and water, but it’s still a pretty unusual detail on a royal.

Victoria and Estelle’s beautiful moment – everyone sees the same thing!

Photo: TT

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