Other than lemon and bicarbonate, the correct use of a common natural product is depopulated for a fragrant laundry

Washing in the washing machine is done in summer as in winter. Except that in the summer the clothes dry earlier, in the winter you always have some problems. Furthermore, there are several mistakes that are made when doing laundry and that do not allow us to have satisfactory results.

One of them is to confuse the clothes in the washing machine and to use an incorrect washing program. Instead, you need to completely change the way you do your laundry to get good results.

Another problem that the washing machine gives is its cost in the electricity bill. As we know, it is not so much the centrifuge that withdraws money from the wallet, but rather the water that is heated for washing. For this purpose we will not be able to do without 4 unmissable tips to save with the washing machine.

Other than lemon and bicarbonate, the correct use of a common natural product is depopulated for a fragrant laundry

Some add natural ingredients for better washing results. A brilliant idea because the use of natural products and environmentally friendly detergents is very much felt today. A washing machine that works well and with the right products pollutes little and helps the planet.

But which products to use and how is a question that often comes back. Among the most used in washing machines and in the kitchen there are three: bicarbonate, lemon and vinegar. Baking soda is useful in many things, but not for sanitizing. Very often it is used in the washing machine to obtain a thoroughly sanitized laundry, but this is not exactly the case. Baking soda hinders the proliferation of microbes, but does not kill bacteria.

Lemon has the disadvantage of being a little more acidic than vinegar, but it gives a pleasant scent. In any case, lemon and vinegar should never be added to the detergent compartment or directly into the drum, as they risk interacting with the pH of the detergent, canceling each other out. In the end, the detergent is as if it were not there.

Apple and wine vinegar

Apple cider vinegar it is the least acidic one compared to white wine vinegar. It is an element not to be overlooked for those who often use it in the washing machine. Its acidity could interact with some component of the appliance.

The safe place to add vinegar is the fabric softener compartment. In this way it will act only at the end of the wash, not interacting with the detergent. Perhaps it is little known but both fabric softener and detergent can leave small traces on the clothes after washing, which over time turn into a stench. Well the vinegar, added at the end, will not only eliminate them but also eliminate the limescale. The result will be to have sanitized cloths, also clean from traces of detergents and softeners and with respected colors. Half a glass of white wine vinegar or apple vinegar is enough for a decidedly impeccable result. So, other than lemon and bicarbonate, the correct use of a common natural product is depopulated for perfumed laundry.


In addition to vinegar and baking soda, this is the incredible ingredient that eliminates limescale

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