Our little farm: What is Linwood Boomer doing today?

For 35 episodes, Boomer played the supporting role of Adam Kendall. He was the local teacher and later husband of Mary Ingall (Melissa Sue Anderson), Charles’ daughter. The two married in the show’s fifth season, and he was the village attorney. Boomer previously had minor roles in the TV movie Suddenly Love and the original series Hawaii Five-0. After “Our Little Farm,” he began working behind the cameras, although he continued to take on episode roles. Series he produced and co-wrote included 1984’s Harry’s Miraculous Judgment, 1992’s Flying Blind, 1994’s The Boys Are Back, 1994’s Townies two years later, starring Molly Ringwald, and 1996 until 2001 “Behind the moon to the left”.

However, the most famous series he was responsible for is “Malcolm in the Middle”. In fact, he was not only a producer and occasional screenwriter, but also invented the series – based on his life and was largely responsible for its success. Appropriately, he wrote many of the episodes, even winning an Emmy for writing the first episode and directing it several times. He also has a guest role in one episode.

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Before that he had episode roles in the series “Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Time Travelers” and “Shadow of Passion”. He worked again as a producer for “The Mindy Project” between 2012 and 2013, and his latest acting role was in the Netflix series “Santa Clarite Diet” with Drew Barrymore in 2018. His career started with “Our Little Farm” definitely paid off.

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