Out for LUM!X and Pia Maria in the semifinals

DJ Luca Michelmayr and singer Pia Maria created their fast song “Halo” in an oversized halo. In the hall, the audience went wild, but the spectators, like the expert jury, apparently held back during the televoting.

You will only find out after the final on Saturday whether Austria narrowly or clearly missed the entry, until then the ranking of the semi-final shows will remain secret. In view of the many surprises, the suspicion quickly arose in the social networks that the juries from the countries in particular would prefer the quiet tones this year.

13 Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria “Halo”

“The experience was amazing”

After their performance, the teenage duo seemed euphoric, before disillusionment set in after the announcement of the result. They had expected and hoped for a different result, said LUM!X and Pia Maria in an initial statement at ZIB Nacht. They are doing well and: “The experience was amazing.”

Nevertheless, LUM!X rated the performance as a success: “We said we wanted to have fun. And we had so much fun.” Now it’s about the future, Michlmayr emphasized: “We’ll keep making music, it doesn’t stop here.” Both want to bring new songs onto the market on June 3rd. “Life goes on.” Perhaps the title of “Winner of Hearts” will remain.

Ukraine and Norway as fixed banks

In any case, there were plenty of surprises among the climbers, because in the run-up only three acts were considered quasi-fixed climbers: Nobody doubted that the Kalush Orchestra would get ahead with their rap-dub-folklore song “Stefania” – with their performance on Tuesday they should have further strengthened their favorite status. They certainly owe that to Russia’s war of aggression against their country and the sympathy points from the rest of Europe, but the song also worked perfectly on stage.

The Norwegians Subwoolfer should also have made it into the final because they stood out from the field of participants both musically and visually with their original song “Give That Wolf a Banana”.

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Sad lasts the longest?

Greece’s Amanda Tenfjord was also traded as a hot potato – despite the deadly serious number “Die Together”. Vocally flawless, she showed great feelings and was rewarded with the rise. The same applies to the Armenian contribution “Snap” by Rosa Linn. Here, too, the pain of separation was sung, and with a catchy melody, the entry into the final was – rightly – predicted.

The rest of the evening’s ballads were considered more of an outsider – and yet almost all of them made it into the final. The Swiss Marius Bear, for example, with his “Boys do cry” carried by violins and drums, was considered a rather shaky candidate. Hardly anyone expected the rather unspectacular francophile appearance of Lithuania’s Monika Liu – and certainly not the Icelandic sisters Systur, who with slight swaying movements turned relatively monotonously towards country.

The rise of the Dutch singer S10 with “De diepte” and Maro from Portugal was even more likely. Both are now allowed to sing about depression and world pain on Saturday. Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov from Moldova qualified as the only other upbeat song with the lively folk song “Trenuletul”.

Ethno dance is out

The fact that Ronela Hajati and “Sekret”, the only ethno-dance number in the first semi-final, could not qualify casts doubt on the notorious block voting, in which neighboring countries give each other points.

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The two funk bands Citi Zeni from Latvia with “Eat Your Salad” and LPS with “Disko” from Slovenia failed on Tuesday. The Latvians were probably too colourful, the Slovenians lacked recognition value and originality. The Danish women’s band Reddi, which was put together especially for the song contest, also lacked rough edges – just like their song “The Show”. It’s also very intentionally off the mark, especially when you want to present a sad piano ballad and a rock song at the same time.

All rock clichés did not help the Bulgarian band Intelligent Music Project – rightly so – the song remained too trite and simple. Finally, Mia Dimsic also failed. Her pop number “Guilty Pleasure” remained too cute – and a little too closely related to her role model, Taylor Swift.

Live ticker on ORF.at

Like the final on Saturday, the semifinals on Thursday can be seen live from 9 p.m. on ORF1 and in the live stream on tvthek.ORF.at. ORF.at accompanies the competition with a live ticker – including pictures, animated GIFs and social media comments.

Second semi-final on Thursday

This means that 15 of the 25 participating countries have now been determined for the big final evening on Saturday. Ten more nations will qualify on Thursday. It remains to be seen whether the slow and introverted songs will prevail here as well.

The 20 ex-semi-finalists are then supplemented by the “Big Five” – ​​the largest contributors to the competition: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. All 25 nations then have to prove themselves in front of the approximately 120 million television viewers that are expected again at the final.

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