Outbreak, confusion and attack: what is known about the case of the bricklayer stabbed in La Plata?

The commotion continues Gonnet after a 32-year-old auctioneer mistook a thief for the bricklayer who was working in the patio of his house and violently attacked him with a knife. It all happened on Tuesday at noon, when the aggressor returned to his house at 15 and 493 and noticed the presence of “a stranger”, who actually turned out to be the bricklayer.

Police sources informed 0221.com.ar that the young man would have addiction problems and, at the time of running into the employee, he had a psychotic break. After being delayed by the police, the prosecutor Marcelo Romero requested his hospitalization in a health center.

In this sense, the researchers pointed out that The father of the attacker declared that he had hired the victim and assured that his son mistook him for a criminal while he was doing his work on a deck at the back of the property.. So it was that he caused a cut on his neck with a weapon that could not yet be located. It should be remembered that the case was titled “serious injuries”.

For his part, the victim was rushed to the san roque hospital of Gonnetwhere she was treated and, according to judicial spokespersons reported to this medium, is recovering.

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