Outdoor pool: Early start: Surprising news from the Stenkhoffbad

The outdoor pool season in Bottrop’s Stenkhoffbad starts a week earlier than planned. The pool in Revierpark Vonderort opens much later.

The outdoor pool season in Bottrop is starting earlier than expected. From Monday, May 16th, the Stenkhoffbad will open its doors – a week earlier than planned. The start of the season was originally announced for May 23rd. But they want to take advantage of the weather, says pool manager Jonas Jarzombek. The pool is initially open from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The preparations for the season have been going on since March and they are almost complete. On Wednesday morning, the high-pressure cleaner is still roaring – one last paved area is being cleaned – and there is a slight smell of paint in the air.

The sun heats the Bottrop outdoor pool via an absorber system

The pools, on the other hand, glitter even in the sun, and the water invites you to refresh yourself. But the temperature? 22 degrees in the swimmer’s pool are certainly sufficient for swimming laps, but 19 degrees in the children’s pool – the sun certainly has to do some work here.

In fact, the large 50-meter pool is heated by the sun, but an absorber system is also used here: Hundreds of meters of black hoses are laid out on a separate meadow area. The water flows through it, is heated by the sun and then lands in the swimming pool.

Heating with solar power means “immense energy savings”

The system could not be used last year due to technical defects in a pump, says Jonas Jarzombek. This year, however, everything works perfectly again. The pool staff also removed all the blackberry bushes that were growing at the edge of the facility and whose thorns had come quite close to the sensitive hoses, according to the pool manager. The problem: If the system leaks at any point, this immediately means a loss of water.

But if it works as it should, “that means huge energy savings,” says Jonas Jarzombek. Oh yes: the system switches itself off at a water temperature of 26.1 degrees and the water is no longer pumped through the hoses. After all, such an outdoor pool should offer cooling in hot weather and not bathtub temperatures.

The four large filter systems ensure the right water quality. They were also cleaned before the start of the season and refilled with activated carbon. The equivalent of around 800 liters of activated carbon per filter was filled there, says the pool manager. Then there was the thorough cleaning of the pools – the old water had to be drained. And the changing rooms and showers have also been polished for the season.

All beds newly planted and new sand for the beach volleyball court

In many places in the pool you can see the work that was done before the start of the season. Walls and stairs have been freshly painted, as has the entrance area with its bright red railings. The flower beds, which are still a bit light at the moment, also show that something has happened. All the beds have been replanted – lavender and white sage are now growing there. The wheel loader distributes the fresh sand on the beach volleyball court, later the new filling has to be finely distributed and smoothed out again, then everything is ready for the start here too.

But even if Bottrop is now bringing the start of the season forward by a week – they are still not the first. If you want to enjoy the weekend at the outdoor pool, you have to move to the neighboring towns. The Hesse outdoor pool in Essen-Dellwig, directly behind the Bottrop city limits, is already open. The season started here on May 7th, after which there were brief technical problems in the meantime, but operations are now up and running again, according to the operator on his Facebook page.

Two possible opening dates for the outdoor pool in Revierpark Vonderort

And the Gladbeck outdoor pool has also been open again for half-day use since May 9th, but only the swimming pool is open, according to the information on the website.

The Vonderort outdoor pool in the Revierpark is different. Jürgen Hecht, Managing Director of the Freizeitgesellschaft Metropole Ruhr, names two possible dates for the start of the season. Depending on the weather, the outdoor pool will open on Ascension Day, May 26th or June 17th at the latest.

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