Outdoors, Baxar prepares to welcome spring

East Wednesday September 21 Baxar Mercado will celebrate the arrival of spring and Student Day with the event “Art, music and cocktail”a day that will feature gastronomy, live bands and street artists. In addition to the initiative that will be carried out to welcome the new station, there will also be the grand finale of the cocktail contest sponsored by Branca, Tres Blasones, Dellepiane and Apple Store La Plata/Buenos Aires will take placewhich together with John Doe looking for the best cocktail in town.

The activity will take place in the Rambla de 51 between 5 and 6 and will begin at 6 with the presentation of the book by Martín Tummino “Coctelería Tiki en Español”. Then, the final of the cocktail contest will take place in which 6 participants will prepare the cocktail live and they will seek to keep the victory under the judgment of renowned bartenders such as Hector Vega, Martin Tunino, Martin Ale, Fabian Dieguez Y Dani Eloy.

Later, the live recitals will begin with Antonella Restucci, Geneva and the closure of Morito and Panas. In addition, between each group there will be DJs who will set the atmosphere to music.

“The idea is to celebrate spring in the neighborhood on the boulevard, the market goes out to the street to celebrate the new season and Student Day with the neighbors”the organizers told 0221.com.ar.

In this way, the day will conclude with gastronomy in the street and street artists. The initiative also has the support of the Emilia Pettoruti Museum of Fine Arts, which will have its doors open to receive visitors.


As already reported, Baxar Mercado and John Doe look for the best cocktail in La Plata with an unprecedented contest, sponsored by Branca, Tres Blasones, Dellepiane and Apple Store La Plata/Buenos Aires. The proposal was developed every Monday of the month of September, beginning on the 12th and repeating the format on the 19th (when the semifinals were played), until reaching the grand finale on September 21st with the great outdoor closing.

The cocktail bar is one of the jewels of today’s gastronomy and John Doe is the preferred brand of people from La Plata. That is why Hand in hand with this prestigious brand and Baxar Mercado, the contest is held to choose the best cocktail with a prize of an IPhone from Apple Store La Plata / Buenos Airesa trip to the Branca factory and the recognition that this recipe is part of the emblematic bar.

The jury, made up of renowned bartenders, will be made up of Hector Vega, Martin Tunino, Martin Ale, Fabian Dieguez Y Dani Eloy. The bases and conditions will be available on Instagram of John Doe and John Doe Baxar, starting this Thursday.

Each participant sent, via John Doe’s social networks, the detailed recipe with the name of the cocktail with which they participated in the contest. Then, those selected must prepare it live in the preselection of each Monday. A finalist per Monday are those who will reach the grand finale on September 21.

On Wednesday, the Provincial Museum Emilio Petorutti and the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires will also be present, celebrating Student’s Day and the arrival of Spring. In addition, there will be classes, popups and intervened bars throughout the month.

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