Overturning, injured and a driver entrenched in a tremendous accident in La Plata

Just after 7:30 this Friday, there was a brutal accident at the busy intersection of 31 and 57, in the middle of the La Plata beltway, which ended with the occupants of a car injured and a confusing episode with one of the drivers involved.

Witnesses to the event reported after the impact that a Renault Clio ended up flipped on the asphalt after colliding with a Peugeot Partner, but the most curious thing was that whoever was driving the first vehicle refused to get out of it when the police tried to help him. In the midst of several back and forth, the agents finally forced him to descend and it is believed that the man could have been drunk.

According to the curious neighbors who approached the place after the shocking crash, a can of beer would have been seen inside the car of the entrenched driver.

As a result of the incident, several police cars and paramedics from the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME) arrived at the scene in two ambulances. The professionals helped the injured and finally ended up transferring the elusive driver and his companion to the San Martín hospital.

Fortunately, as reported later, none of the people involved suffered serious injuries and all are out of danger.

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