Overturning of a goat in Tubará, Atlántico, leaves 30 people injured, including 16 minors

Photo taken from Atlantic Transit.
Photo taken from Atlantic Transit.

On the morning of this Sunday there was an accident in the via Under Havana leading to the town of Tubarain the sector of Macario curvewhen A goat that was heading for a nearby beach overturned, leaving 30 people injured, including 16 minors.. The driver of the vehicle said that a mechanical failure in the brakes caused him to lose control and the accident occurred when he crashed at low speed into a ravine.

Richard Viloria, a witness to the event, told the Blu Radio station that 10 adults, who were accompanying the minors from the Evaristo Sourdis neighborhood, reacted immediately to the accident and proceeded to protect the children with their bodies. “When I arrived at the accident area there were two Traffic Police patrols and the ambulances were taking away the injured adults. Some of them had blows to different parts of their bodies, while one of them had a split head, “he said.

He added that one of the mothers was severely injured, as she had broken both of her arms. “A lady of about 35 years old was walking with her broken arm. It is that they hugged the children to prevent them from hitting each other and what they were carrying fell on them”.

Another of the witnesses to the event told the RCN Radio station that “among those injured is a first cousin who they say the vehicle fell on her hand, who is the one who suddenly has the greatest complication, her husband who has blows to the face. My brother-in-law also has quite a few bumps; my sister’s son”. And he sentenced: “we thank the Lord that there were no human losses, but that everything was material.”

He also reported that there were disagreements because the vehicle that the families hired to go to the beach was not the same one in which they were traveling on the day of the accident. “My sister had hired the bus to take a ride and it turns out that when she arrives at one of the (chiva) that they sent from the company and tells my sister that the bus that she had set aside approximately 18 or 15 days ago, well, it had had inconveniences, then it was a bus with chiva specifications, but the one they sent was not the one they had set aside,” he told RCN Radio.

For now, it was reported that the wounded, including minors, were taken to Barranquilla and they are receiving care at the Altos de San Vicente and Campbell clinics. While some patients remain under medical review, others have already been discharged.

The injured have polytraumatisms and scrapes all over their bodies. As reported by the Traffic Police, what prevented a worse tragedy from occurring was that The vehicle was traveling at low speed when it hit the ravine..

It is not the first time that an accident has occurred at this point on the Bajo La Habana road. A month ago, around two in the afternoon, a couple suffered an accident that caused them injuries, when they were hit by a vehicle. The two people, according to the authorities, respond to the names of Alejandro Rincón Fuenmayor and Yanelis Paola Bolaños Altamar. Both were left lying on the floor and were helped by passers-by.


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