Overview of self-picking fields: Here you can now harvest strawberries yourself

  • Self-picking fields: locations and directions
  • All fields are open all day
  • 4.10 euros per kilo of self-picked fruit
  • Harvest tips

If you want particularly fresh and regional strawberries, harvest them yourself. Grab a basket and your sun hat. Here you can find information about self-picking fields in the districts of Kronach, Coburg, Kulmbach and Lichtenfels.

The Strawberry Fields

District of Kronach:

  • Bernsroth: 96317 Kronach Bernsroth, approach via the B 85 in the direction of Ludwigsstadt, between Kronach and Knellendorf.

District of Coburg:

  • Oberlauter: 96486 Lautertal/Oberlauter, approach via the B4 Coburg – direction Eisfeld. In Oberlauter you drive in the direction of the sports field, after about 300 m turn left – there is the strawberry field.
  • Niederfullbach: 96489 Niederfullbach, to Geizenmühle 1
  • Neustadt: 96465 Neustadt-Haarbrücken, in Neustadt Mitte you drive at the “Siemenskreisel” in the direction of Sonnefeld, after 300 m turn right in the direction of Haarbrücken and then follow the road. The field is right on the road.

District of Kulmbach:

  • Strawberry field Untersteinach: 95369 Untersteinach, approach via the B 289. In the center of Untersteinach, drive in the direction of Seer Straße.
  • Strawberry Field Schwarzach: 95336 Mainleus, district of Schwarzach, Alte Straße
  • Strawberry field Altdrossenfeld: 95512 Neudrossenfeld – Altdrossenfeld, approach via the B 85 in the direction of Kulmbach/Bayreuth, at the entrance to Altdrossenfeld, then turn right.

district of Lichtenfels

  • basic field: Lichtenfels-Seubelsdorf, on the old B 173 towards Grundfeld
  • Bad Staffelstein: 96231 Bad Staffelstein, Unterzettlitz district, drive in the direction of Wiesen (An der Schrann). The field is located directly on the district road.

Always follow that signs to the fields.

Opening hours and prices

All presented self-picking fields are 2022 from Monday to Saturday in between Open 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

On Sundays and public holidays can you sleep longer and from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m pick. If not enough strawberries are ripe or the weather doesn’t play along, it may be closed at short notice. So inform yourself in advance Bayer’s Franconia Strawberries.

Taste the strawberries you picked yourself 4.10 euros per kilo on the fields presented. If you harvest more than 10 kilos, you only pay 3.40 per kilo.

Pick yourself?

Picking it yourself takes a little more effort than buying strawberries from the supermarket. But this way you can be sure where your fruit is coming from. And you have absolute Freshness guarantee. The strawberries taste better and last longer too.

With family can you share a Excursion into the strawberry field. Children learn where our food comes from, how fruits grow and are harvested. And they can charge you snack. On self-pick fields you only have to pay for what ends up in the basket. Strawberries you pick yourself are usually cheaper than bought ones.

If possible, pick in a field that is not directly on a busy road. the pollution is so less. take flat vessels, for example baskets or bowls. In buckets or other deep vessels, the fruits are easily crushed. go In the morning come on, then the berries are at their best. Don’t pick just after heavy rain. Wet fruits are less aromatic, possibly damaged and doesn’t last that long. Always pick your strawberries with the sepals, then they stay juicy longer. harvest only ripe, really red fruits. You can recognize unripe strawberries by the white edge or white tip. Wash and trim your strawberries just before eating.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that strawberries aren’t berries at all?

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