Overwatch 2: play it at more than 500 FPS? It’s possible with the Nvidia RTX 4090

Game news Overwatch 2: play it at more than 500 FPS? It’s possible with the Nvidia RTX 4090

Overwatch 2 will be talked about a lot when it is released in a few days and moreover, Nvidia does not intend to miss the boat: the manufacturer has just released an impressive trailer, demonstrating the capabilities of its RTX 4090 on the Activision FPS .

FPS in every sense of the word

freshly, Nvidia has unveiled the new graphics cards that will make up the RTX 40xx series, a new generation of high-performance components that should run new games without too much trouble. Among other things, the focus is on RTX, the ray tracing technology developed by the company, but also the number of frames per second which can visibly reach extremely high rates.

It is not the least to say it since Nvidia has just released a snippet of gameplay from Overwatch 2, running at 1440p and with a minimum of… 350 FPS, below 10 ms latency. It’s huge, yes, and we’ve just said it: it’s a minimum, the game sometimes exceeding 500 frames per second. The irony is that neither YouTube nor our video player is able to transcribe such a frequency and we must then rely on the indications provided by Nvidia, directly on the trailer.

Enough is enough ?

To achieve this performance, Nvidia specifies that the gameplay was recorded with a geForce 4090, a 360Hz G-SYNC screen, the Nvidia Reflex feature activated with the boost… all with high quality graphics engaged. In short, a hell of a beast and again, the company does not specify the number of GB of RAM or the processor used.

Suffice to say that the beast in question must cost a fortune, not to mention the screen concerned that must also be obtained. let’s remember that the price of the GeForce 4090 is, in France and from departure, fixed at 1,949 euros : a rate reserved for a handful of elected officials who can afford it.

If you want to know all about the next graphics cards from Nvidiafrom the models to their performance through their consumption or their price, we redirect you to our article at this address.

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