Overwatch 2: the game director explains the lack of new heroes

Despite its share of disappointments and postponements, Overwatch 2 will land in early access and free-to-play at the end of the year with three new heroes, a number that has disappointed players.

Why so few new features?

Thus, Aaron Keller, the director of the game, recently spoke on Reddit about these new characters:

Overwatch heroes are incredibly exciting. We put our heart and soul into creating new ones. Seeing the community’s desire for more makes the team happy, and I think the questioning of why there aren’t more on release makes sense.

The man then explains that the development of Overwatch 2 was initially divided between PvE and PvP, and the idea was to finish these two parts of the game before making it available. Unfortunately, the studio having encountered various difficulties during the creation of PvE, the arrival of new content and new features had to be delayed. Indeed, some components of the game, such as enemy units and talent trees, were developed by specific studio teams, which therefore could not work on new heroes at the same time.

From then on, the studio made the decision to finish the game, rather than offer a larger number of characters. A choice that can also be justified by the F2P model of Overwatch 2, which can therefore offer new heroes in future seasonal updates.

That being said, Aaron Keller still points out that several new protagonists are currently in full development. The next Season 2 hero is “nearly done”, while the next three are “in different stages of playtesting”.

As a reminder, Overwatch 2 will be launched on October 4 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. According to the roadmap unveiled by the studio, Season 2 will be deployed on December 6 and will land with a new map, a Tank hero, more than 30 new skins, a new Mythic skin and a new Battle Pass. Finally, the year 2023 will mark the arrival of the first PvE content, 100 other new skins, and several new heroes, maps and modes.

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