Overwatch 2: will you lose things at launch? Blizzard responds

Overwatch 2 will be free upon release. News that has delighted hardcore fans who will be able to continue their gaming sessions for free, but which also raises several questions.

Since the announcement of the end of lootboxes in Overwatch 2, this is one of the questions that remains: what will happen to unopened boxes, remaining credits and even unlocked outfits when the sequel launches? ? Blizzard finally offers a concrete answer.

No, you won’t lose anything when Overwatch 2 launches

The transition to free-to-play Overwatch 2 raises many questions among players. The transition from the first game to its sequel was still surrounded by gray areas, which the developers finally clarified during a question and answer session on Reddit. Jon Spector, vice president of the franchise, has confirmed that the current lootboxes and currencies (OWL tokens, in-game credits, competition points) will not disappear.

These existing currencies will accompany you in Overwatch 2. We will end lootboxes and before the launch of the 2 all unopened ones will be opened automatically. Your account will receive all content directly. The new virtual currency will however be the main currency of the second opus. It will therefore be impossible to buy certain things with credits transferred from Overwatch 1.

The employee also takes the opportunity to remind that all the outfits, emotes, and other elements will transfer well into Overwatch 2. Here’s hoping the game doesn’t follow in Diablo Immortal’s footsteps and offers a healthy business model. As a reminder, it is still possible to register for the console and PC beta which will be held on June 28. The launch in early access is scheduled for October 4, 2022.

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