Overwatch – Check out what’s new on the Halloween event

The news of Halloween came to Overwatch with the newest game update. Now available to players, the update brings to the title the Halloween event and the news for the new season.

called from Halloween Terror 2021, the event will offer weekly missions, temporary modes and special horror-themed skins. Players will be able to accomplish objectives to redeem the special outfits.

Draugr Reinhardt, Satyr Lucius and Brigitte Vampire Slayer are skins that will be available to players. Check out the trailer for the event that brings the horror of Halloween to Blizzard’s success below.

Other Update Changes

In addition to the arrival of the Halloween event and all the accompanying content, the new Overwatch update also brought other changes to the game, such as fixes that promise to improve players’ experience.

With heroes being affected by a balance, Bastion, D. Va, Echo, Genji, Mercy, Reinhardt, Shadow, Symmetra and Torbjorn received small changes so that they are suited to something “fairer” compared to other champions.

Also, players were noticing problems in the shots and the sound effects in matches performed on the Busang and Lijiang Tower maps. Now, with the update, Blizzard promises that these problems already have been corrected and will no longer be detected by players during confrontations in the competitive shooter.

Other minor fixes have also been made by the developers, as they do with every game update. The Halloween event will be available until November 2nd.

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