OVH failure: a copy-paste error at the origin of the “Internet shutdown”

OVH had an outage this Wednesday morning, part of the French Web was impacted. The problem came from a bad configuration of the router, explains the host.

On October 13, many sites were at half mast. The cause ? A giant failure at the French host OVH. Everything was back to normal around 10:20 a.m. The blackout lasted one hour, but spread over a critical audience period, Internet users being quick to consult the Internet on their way to work, in particular.

Image 1: OVH failure: a copy-paste error at the origin of the "Internet shutdown"
Credit: one individual

The problem is located in the United States, at the Data Center in Vint Hill, Virginia. “Following a human error during the reconfiguration of the network on our DC at VH (US-EST), we have a problem on the whole backbone”, explains Octave Klaba, chairman of the board of directors and founder of OVH. ” We will isolate the DC VH then fix the conf“. This manipulation was carried out quickly, but in the lapse of time, thousands of sites remained in error. Among them are the media, online stores, but also government sites. Thus,, or even the site of the National Assembly were inaccessible.

At the origin of this failure, a maintenance operation which should have been completely transparent for the users. “In recent days, the intensity of DDoS attacks has increased a lot. We have decided to increase our DDoS processing capacity by adding new infrastructures in our DC VH (US-EST) ”, explains Octave Klaba.

The faulty router has been identified and removed from service. The function of this router is to send packets (fragments of data) over the network. Its goal is to send information as quickly as possible. It therefore compares the destination IP address with its routing table to find the most efficient path. A bit like planning a route on a GPS.

Octave Klaba gave more details on the cause of the failure. An OVH employee would actually have made a bad copy and paste in the configuration terminal of this router. The butterfly effect in a way. Problem, the founder of OVH did not keep his tweet online, which provokes the ire of some Internet users.

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