Own mistakes and other people’s virtues: Argentina and the least expected debut

Neither the least optimistic I was expecting one defeat of Scaloni’s team in their presentation against Saudi Arabia and much less after opening the scoring early and beyond the three goals canceled correctly -like it or not-, due to an advanced position, twice from Lautaro Martinez and one of the captain and emblem Lionel Messi.

The two goals due to their own mistakes and the rival’s virtues at the start of the complement annulled the ideas of the national team. The nerves, the lack of precision, the zero individual imbalance and the concentration of the Saudi cast ended up being an explosive combo.

It is very Argentine to set everything on fire and for us to go from the excessive triumphalist air, that we take everything ahead of us to “this was known”, “we never play against anyone”, “Scaloni is improvised that he was lucky” and “now we do not pass the first round”.

The best thing this group can do is between now and Saturday Do not consume social networks, nor watch or listen to anything else and try to stand up, because it was not by chance that this selection has generated so much expectation. no one gave him anything.

It is true that now there is no margin for error and in theory the two most difficult rivals in the group will arrive. Self-criticism and not letting yourself be won by bad vibes and pessimism will be key. The coaching staff will have to measure very well who is there to play, because it gave the feeling that some physically reached too much to the limit.

From a tactical point of view, Argentina was never able to unbalance on the wings and neither could change and look for the middle. They surprised Saudi Arabia with a far forward baseline and scoring on the line, which paid off. On the one hand, because technology gave the Asian team three overtaking plays to the limit in the first half and then because Argentina could never find the way around. It was a game that was played in no more than 25 meters and that made it difficult for Scaloni’s boys.

From the individual the cutie romero It was not at the known level, especially in the play of the first goal. And from the middle forward, none had, not even Messi, the lucidity that was needed.

You don’t have to get carried away by the unease of defeat but you also have to raise your guard quickly because a World Cup doesn’t allow two false steps. Argentina has something to fight it with, going back to what brought it to Qatar as one of the candidates.

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