Özge Özpirinçci: two characteristic features and a defect of the “Woman” actress

Although the Turkish actress Ozge Ozpirincci She has participated in several soap operas and films, without a doubt her most important project is “Mujer” or “Fuerza de Mujer” (“Kadın” in her original language), where she played Bahar Çeşmeli, a struggling mother who is forced to get ahead with her two children.

In fact, the 35-year-old interpreter admitted, in a previous interview with , which is the best thing he’s ever done. “It has been a before and after in my professional life” he pointed. He also revealed that he accepted the role because he “she remembered the character of Roberto Benigni in the movie ‘Life is beautiful’ and I felt it had to be her”.

In addition to details about his participation in “”And what it meant for his career, He also spoke about some personal issues, for example, he encouraged himself to describe himself and confess his greatest flaw.

My fault is impatience, but I am working on it and I have managed to improve a lot”, He explained. It was also described as “inquisitive and energetic”, Two features that characterize it. Also has “crystal consciousness”.

“Woman” marked a before and after in the professional life of Özge Özpirinçci (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)


”Helped boost the career of Ozge Ozpirincci, obtain different recognitions and get to be part of new productions and gain international fame, especially in Spain, where the telenovela that originally aired between 2017 and 2020, was also very successful.

However, the protagonist of “Love at second sight”(“ Ask Yeniden ”) is not enchanted with fame. “I love acting and I love my job, but being famous can be frustrating at times. I don’t like it when my private life is invaded. Also, being popular is temporary, but having people say they loved my performance is a permanent satisfaction.”.

About the awards, he said: “They feel good, even being nominated for one. I have some and they make me work harder and try to be a better person on set and in life”.

He also said that his professional goals involve bringing his potential to each scene he plays and learning everything he can from the people he works with. “I accept what life offers me, I don’t set specific goals. I see my future different every day, sometimes with optimism and others, with dispersion. But I know that I will get through it all surrounded by my loved ones”, He pointed out regarding his challenges.

“Woman” helped boost Özge Özpirinçci's career and obtain different recognitions (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)
“Woman” helped boost Özge Özpirinçci’s career and obtain different recognitions (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)

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