Pablo Lyle’s trial begins in Miami

CDMX.- Mexican actor Pablo Lyle is already in the trial stage of the case he faces in Miami for involuntary manslaughter.

The news portal Telemundo 51 reported that this Tuesday the trial began to determine the verdict for Pablo Lyle, the legal process could take between two and three days to reach a conclusion regarding the legal situation of the Mexican.

The Miami-Dade County Court detailed in a statement that after the trial the due presentation of the arguments on the case of Pablo Lyle will be made, which will be read by the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense.

Although the dates for the trial of Pablo Lyle are already stipulated, the United States authorities reported that the procedure could have time variations.

Lyle will appear before the Court and will be accompanied by his legal representation against the accusations of involuntary manslaughter that he faces.

The actor is accused of causing the death of a 63-year-old man of Cuban origin that he confronted during a fight recorded on the streets of Miami in 2019.

The version against the actor of Mirreyes Contra Godínez mentions that he punched the man of Cuban nationality, leaving him unconscious, later he lost his life.

Meanwhile, the actor is out on bail under electronic shackle surveillance.

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