Pablo Lyle’s trial in Miami delayed by key witnesses

Miami.- A Miami judge once again postponed the trial of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, accused of homicide after a car accident just over three years ago.

In a hearing that lasted less than five minutes, Judge Diana Vizcaíno set a new date to analyze the status of the case, July 8.

Both prosecutors and Lyle’s defense said they needed more time to testify from two key witnesses.

“It seems that both parties have agreed to a joint postponement in this matter, which is granted,” said Judge Vizcaíno after listening to the prosecution and the defense.

This would be the seventh postponement of the trial since the judicial process began in April 2019, shortly after the vehicle incident at the end of March in which Lyle’s brother-in-law was transferring the actor, his wife and two children to the airport when their car crossed with that of Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban who later died in a hospital due to a brain injury.

The actor was connected by video call to the hearing on Thursday, but did not make any statement. His lawyer Philip Reizenstein and the prosecution were present in the room and were the ones who asked the judge for more time.

Reizenstein explained that he had yet to question two key witnesses on Friday who are relatives of Hernandez and who so far “have done everything possible” to avoid testifying before Lyle’s lawyers.

He also said that he had doubts that they would appear for questioning on Friday, but the prosecution said that it was the only thing missing before the trial began and assured that the witnesses would appear to testify.

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