Pablo Montero shows canceled after appearance with Nicolás Maduro

Mexico City- They canceled several shows by Pablo Montero after his appearance with Nicolás Maduro, in the middle of an event organized in Venezuela for the birthday of the Venezuelan leader.

According to information from the First Hand program, several businessmen and event organizers decided to cancel the shows where Pablo Montero would participate after the videos that went viral, Excelsior published.

In this regard, Mariana Gutiérrez, representative of the singer, commented with Gustavo Adolfo Infante that Montero appeared at the show as if it were any other event where he is hired and simply went to work.

“The only interest that Mr. Montero has had is and has always been to represent Mexican-ranchera music in the world and that people know and enjoy it,” he said.

In a video broadcast on networks, you can see Pablo Montero in the mornings that took him to the Venezuelan president.

President Maduro himself published a tweet thanking Montero for his participation and “bringing strength from Mexico.”

“Thank you for bringing us the strength of Mexico and singing these songs for me and all the Venezuelan people. The doors of Venezuela will always be open to you, Pablo, ”Nicolás Maduro wrote on Twitter.

After the publications, users of social networks were launched against the singer, he even had to publish a statement where he tries to justify himself for the show.

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