Pablo Mouche wants to be in Colo Colo

Former striker of Colo Colo and who currently plays in Uruguay, Pablo mouche, revealed that he would like to be part of the team that comes from winning the Chile Cup and is the undisputed leader of the National Championship.

“I would have liked to leave in a different way and be in this beautiful stage that they are going through right nowa, with another climate, another air, other people. I would have had the performance that I generally had when I arrived in Colo Colo and that later, in recent months it was more irregular for many reasons. I would have liked to be in this beautiful stage where you can enjoy it in another way “, confessed to Cooperative radio.

“I would have liked to continue. I had the opportunity and it was not achieved, then the crisis with the leadership came due to the issue of the pandemic, which for me was a trigger for many trips of the club and performances that were going up and down, plus the sports situation, but I keep what better “, continued with his speech Mouche.

Thinking about the Superclásico that will be played this Sunday at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium, Mouche recalled the times he faced Universidad de Chile where he was always victorious and was able to score.

“I remember it as one of the best classics I had, because of the people and what it means. Thank God I was able to participate in four of them and win most of them, “he said.

Finally, Mouche recalled the goal he scored against the U in the 1-1 draw at the National Stadium and the pass he gave to Esteban Paredes for the historic 216 score by “Tanque”.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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