Pablo Solari counts the days to install his family in Chile

Pablo Solari arrived at Colo Colo at the age of 19 and has had to live alone in a country that is not his own. However, he has dealt with that pressure well and today he is at his best footballing moment.

However, his current situation is not consistent with what he has lived, because he himself has made it clear that he has gone through difficult times in which he resorts to his family cybernetically.

In conversation with El Deportivo de La Tercera El Pibe narrated that he dreams of bringing his family to Chile and, now with the new sanitary measures of the Seremi de Salud, hopes to fulfill it.

“Now that the borders have been opened, I am going to bring my parents or my brothers. I have seen them for seven months. I am going to bring them, do the quarantine and stay here with me.”, he expressed.

Pibe himself makes it clear that he tries to forget everything on the court. “Now I’m fine, things started to turn out better for me as time went by. It plays a bit against having the family away, but it is part of this. I go in to play football and I forget, I try not to think about those things, because there the head plays against “, he detailed.

Pablo Solari and his dream in Colo Colo

Finally, Pablo Solarti tells how important his family and friends are at this time. “I see them through video calls or messages, I always try to talk to them. My friends support me a lot, they listen to me, I think that also helps me to vent, because I don’t tell anyone about my things and they are there to listen to me and support me in everything “, he sentenced.

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