Pablo Solari does not hide his desire to continue in Colo Colo

Colo Colo he stayed with the Chile Cup champions trophy after beat Everton by two to zero. One of the good players who had this match was the forward Pablo Solari, who was once again present at the Talca Prosecutor and leaving his name in the club’s history.

The Argentine forward showed all his happiness for this trophy of the Chile Cup with the alba t-shirt. “Colo Colo changed my life, I thank the leaders, all those who trusted me. To my family. Things were not working out for me, but perseverance led me to be where I am. I thank everyone “.

But that was not all, since the forward was also consulted about his continuity in the Cacique. “I would stay my whole life in Colo Colo, but it depends on many factors, we will enjoy from here to December”.

In addition, he was asked about the relationship he has with Gustavo Quinteros, to whom he thanked the opportunity to come to the club. “I always thanked him and the coaching staff, they trusted since I arrived. That’s why I can play my game “.

On the emotion of this game, the Pibe confessed and was quite moved by being away from his family at such a young age. “I couldn’t even speak, I started crying as soon as I saw them on the video call. It is for them and all these beautiful people. It is difficult to be away from the family, but the people, all the affection they give me, make me feel at home, I am eternally grateful “.

That was not all, since it added “This seems to be my court, they told me to do the same. What I can do? I get excited, my family is far away, I just called them and I can’t stand the tears, I miss them a lot “.

Finally, on the merits of the Cacique in getting the Chile Cup trophy, the forward highlighted “We were the best team, we are the best team in Chile and we will continue to show it in the tournament. We have what no one else has, we play like no one plays “.

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