Pablo Solari: "I would like to stay, Colo Colo changed my life “

Pablo Solari, along with Maximiliano Falcón, are part of the most beloved players in Colo Colo today. Both decided to come in one of the worst historical moments of the institution and carried out the task.

However, El Pibe gets all the applause for being responsible, at 19, for scoring that iconic goal of salvation in the city of Talca in the promotion match against Universidad de Concepción.

This fact will never be forgotten and today, in conversation with El Deportivo de La Tercera, Pablo Solari made clear his intentions to continue in Colo Colo and hopes that everything goes well.

“I would like to stay, I’m fine here and I feel comfortable. I don’t know anything about what is going to happen, I don’t have information, but I would like to stay. Colo Colo changed my life”, expressed the Argentine.

El Pibe has it clear and his story is closely compared with that of Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto. That is why he touched on the issue. “I spoke with him, I met him and he had a very good reception towards me. We could not talk much, but despite how little we have been able to talk, for me he is a crack. I have seen videos of him and he was a crack on the pitch , besides being it also outside “, he clarified.

Pablo Solari in Colo Colo

Finally, he talked about the players he follows. “I am a huge Messi fan and I also like Neymar. I admire those players, who are extraordinary. I like to look at those extremes. Alexis, too … Extremes who are wonderful and make it seem easy to play football.”, he sentenced.

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