Pablo Solari talks about his possible continuity in Colo Colo

Today the news was released that Blanco y Negro contacted the Talleres leadership to notify them that they will use the option to purchase 50% of Pablo Solari’s pass.

A purchase option of 50% that is valued at 750 thousand dollars (592 million Chilean pesos), so in Macul they immediately begin with “Operation Pablo Solari”.

El Pibe will go down in history for eternity like it or not as the young man who saved Colo Colo from relegation. Today his performance is above average and he has won the affection of the entire public.

El Pibe spoke on the outskirts of the Monumental and briefly referred to this option that may materialize during the next few weeks. “I don’t know anything, but obviously I’m excited”, he expressed.

As the Pibe is of few words, he also spoke of the Superclásico that will be played this Sunday at 4:30 p.m. “We are very good, we are preparing for that match”, he sentenced.

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