Pablo Solari’s father wants him to continue in Colo Colo

Pablo Solari was the great figure of Colo Colo in the Superclásico of Chilean football. El Pibe once again showed that he is in his best footballing moment and how motivated he is.

Much has been said during these weeks about the future of the Argentine, however everything indicates that it will be in Macul for a few more years. Or at least that is the desire of Black and White, who will buy 50% of the pass.

Today Víctor Solari, Pibe’s father, spoke on TNT Sports and expressed the desire that the whole family has for the future of the player and colocolino crack. “He is very happy and comfortable. If all the conditions are met we would like him to continue in Colo Colo. Today we see him much more mature and happy in Chile”, he expressed.

He further added that, “Pablo was always very special, very attached to the family. He had all the conditions, but we never believed that he was going to play professionally, not in Argentina or anywhere. He was always very homely.”

Pablo Solari in Colo Colo

To finish he said that, “It was important not to go down, but I think that today it is important to be at the top. You see an established team that plays in a different way. It is nice to play for the Championship, which is different from playing for relegation.”

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