Pacifier Suazo leaves Deportes La Serena and watches Mexican soccer

A few weeks ago the rumor began to circulate that Humberto Suazo would leave Deportes La Serena to wear the jersey of San Antonio Kingdom, a situation that the footballer himself denied to say that he was very comfortable in the maroon cast. However, as the days went by, his departure became official, but the destination seems to be abroad.

The papaya cast announced on their social networks that the attacker, with a past in Colo Colo and that in his current record he has to be the maximum assistant of the first round, will not continue in the club and will terminate his contract early.

“Club Deportes La Serena informs that today, the player Humberto Suazo has asked us to end the contract that united him with our institution”, is the beginning of the statement of Sport La Serena.

“Given the personal and family reasons that the player indicated, we have decided to accept his request so that as of today he has ceased to belong to our Club,” they explain.

Humberto Suazo will not continue in the National Championship | Photo: Agency One

“We appreciate the time he was with us and we wish him good luck”, close the papaya box.

The next destination of Humberto Suazo points to Mexico, since Chupete has the option of signing in the Rayados de Monterrey subsidiary, a box where he is one of the greatest idols in history.

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