Pacifier Suazo was presented in the Monterrey affiliate team

A week ago Humberto Suazo rocked Chilean football by announcing that left Sports La Serena, a club where he showed a high level of play and became the top assistant of the National Championship on the first wheel.

Much was speculated about the future of Chupete. That he could return to the club in his hometown, San Antonio Unido, or that he would have a new adventure abroad. Precisely, the latter was what happened, since whoever was the top scorer in the world defending the jersey of Colo Colo, was presented this Monday as a brand new reinforcement of the Monterrey affiliate team.

With drums and cymbals, Raya2 Expansion announced in their social networks the return of the club’s idol, who at 40 will return to play in Mexican soccer, although this time, on the rise.

Suazo is an undisputed idol in Monterrey where he was a scorer and champion with the team and dazzled with his great talent. For this reason, his return was celebrated with everything by the club’s fans, who idolize the native of the port of San Antonio.

Chupete continues to be immortal and now hopes to contribute his experience to the Monterrey affiliate team, which is mainly made up of young figures from the club.

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