Paco Bazán is excited to meet his ‘son’ at AFHS and asks to be called to record: “That child must grow up with his father”

HE WANTS TO BE HIRED TO RECORD. Paco Bazan was more than excited Wednesday night with the premiere of the ninth season of ‘There is room in the background‘, since, in his words, he was finally able to meet Richard Jr.., his son in the series with the popular ‘Theresa‘ (Magdyel Ugaz).

“I am very excited, I don’t know if it shows on my face, but I have the emotion of every father who knows his son. Today I met my son well i’ve seen him again after 7 years, just imagine, the boy is beautiful, he’s not that much like me to be honest, but It is a beautiful mix between the mother who is gorgeous and the father who is a manassured the host of ‘The sports car on another court’.

In this sense, he stated that Richard jr. cannot grow apart from his father and asked Gigio ArandaCEO and screenwriter of AFHS, to call him to record. “It would seem fair to me that this child grows up with his father, the father has to be by his side, so Gigio, before they put another actor thinking that I can’t, my contract says that I can record fiction, I can do theater, soap operas, movies, cafes, one-man shows. So you call me Gigio when we show up with Richard Jr and we are. If tomorrow we have to be there, we are”, said Paco Bazan.

Finally, the sports driver assured that “it is not being offered, but giving away”. Where is my bow? Ask Jasmine (Pinedo). You never have to leave blood behind, you have to embrace the family. I’ll tell you if I’m in Pachacamac recording or not “, concluded the former soccer player.

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