None of this comes as a surprise

Grove of honor in Camp Marmal in Mazar-e Sharif: 59 Bundeswehr soldiers died in Afghanistan.  (Source: imago images / Florian Gaertner)

What was to be expected happened: the Taliban systematically conquered Afghanistan. The army trained by the West cannot oppose them. When Kabul falls is only a matter of time. The Taliban have launched a major offensive in Afghanistan and are conquering province by province and capital by capital in the west, south-west and north. Nimrus

19-year-old pilot wants to break world record

| Reading time: 4 minutes Brussels. Once it takes off, there will only be you and your plane – and the big, wide world. At the age of 19, the young pilot Zara Rutherford wants to be the youngest woman to fly around the world alone. “The moment I take off, I forget everything else,”

Lions Charity Golf Tournament celebrates its anniversary

Berlin. Happy weather for the anniversary: ​​summer temperatures and light wind offered 84 golfers ideal conditions at the Lions Golf Charity in the Seddiner See Golf Club. The tournament, organized by the Lions Club Berlin-Kurfürstendamm, took place for the 25th time. For 25 years it has been played for a good cause “We have collected

New: GoTrail scavenger hunt on the Bürserberg – free of charge

The green ribbon of the Raetians

Of GoTrail – 9.08.2021 09:13 (Akt. 9.08.2021 09:32) The green ribbon of the Raetians ©GoTrail Tschengla becomes an adventure trail and can be discovered with the GoTrail smartphone app. The digital scavenger hunt for the whole family. The exciting story is new in the App and PlayStore “The green ribbon of the Raetians”which can be

Later but still! It’s getting really summer now

Thermometer climbs to over 30 degrees

9.08.2021 09:11 (Akt. 9.08.2021 09:11) Thermometer climbs to over 30 degrees ©VOL.AT/Steurer So far, the summer in Vorarlberg has not really got going. That should change this week. In terms of the weather, the summer of 2021 has so far been quite mixed. Really hot summer days were rare, rainy days were even more common.

Psychonauts 2 is now fully developed

Psychonauts 2

The first Psychonauts was launched in 2005 and was one of the most brilliant platform games of all time. Unfortunately, it was perhaps a little too smart and odd for its own good, and it was never a commercial success. But on August 25, 16 years after the original adventure, it’s finally time for the

Lustenau invites you to The Weight concert on Friday

Rock with The Weight on the Virglar Hoschtat on August 13th.

9.08.2021 09:00 (Akt. 9.08.2021 09:00) Rock with The Weight on the Virglar Hoschtat on August 13th. © Organizer On Friday, August 13th, the band The Weight will play at the Virglar Hoschtat as part of “Musi duss”. Lustenau. The “Musi duss” concerts invite you to meet friends, listen to music and eat and drink. The