13-year-old boy discovers asteroid and NASA certifies it

Mexico City.- A 13-year-old boy named Miguel Rojas discovered a new asteroid in the solar system while analyzing space images. Miguel’s find, originally from Venezuela and who began to be interested in space since he was 5 years old, was recognized by the Pan-Starrs Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Hawaii

Moselle: a 3-year-old seriously injured in a shooting

A mother and her child were hit in a shooting in Algrange, Moselle, this Friday. The mother’s ex-spouse is suspected of being the author of the shootings. A 3-year-old child was seriously injured and his mother more lightly by gunfire, Friday afternoon in Algrange (Moselle), we learned from the town hall that the ex-spouse could

Retirement: Pension: This threatens every third full-time employee

Berlin For every third full-time employee, the pension is low after 45 years of work. What amounts to expect. Every third employee in Germany is currently threatened with a gross pension of less than 1,300 euros per month after 45 full-time professional years. This comes from a response from the Federal Ministry of Labor to

Trembling eye: why the eyelid stays "jumping" On occasion?

Most likely, you’ve felt your eye twitch—or you may be feeling it right now—for no apparent reason. To be more precise, it is as if the eyelid “pulled” and it was not possible to control this contraction, at the very least, irritating. Marked by involuntary eyelid contractions, usually in the lower part, this condition is

Ana María Polo had a difficult time in Puerto Rico, know why

“Caso Cerrado” was one of the most watched programs on Telemundo both in the United States and in some Latin American countries. This space was hosted by the lawyer Ana María Polo that she earned the nickname of “Dr. Polo”. Despite being a very successful person, during his adolescence he went through difficult times. The

They enjoy the last hours of 2021 at the Coyoacán Ice Rink

Photo: Wendy Roa. [{“src”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/pictures/2021/12/31/2693920.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”Foto: Wendy Roa. “,”thumb”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/styles/image400x300/public/pictures/2021/12/31/2693920.jpg”}},{“src”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/pictures/2021/12/31/2693923.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”Foto: Wendy Roa. “,”thumb”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/styles/image400x300/public/pictures/2021/12/31/2693923.jpg”}},{“src”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/pictures/2021/12/31/2693924.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”Foto: Wendy Roa. “,”thumb”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/styles/image400x300/public/pictures/2021/12/31/2693924.jpg”}}] Dozens of people took advantage of the last hours of 2021 to attend the Ice rink installed in the Alameda del Sur, Coyoacán mayorship. Santiago, a 6-year-old boy, came with his grandmother to enjoy a while. And, although it fell on more