Ready or Not – hardcore tactical shooter shows what’s next in 2022

2022 called, they finally want to see the roadmap for January! A short-term but celebrated early access release lies behind the intellectual SWAT heir Ready or Not. But that only marks the beginning, because the developers are already reporting back from the Christmas vacation. And VOID Interactive is about to cancel them Plans for January

Ómicron will grow 50% next week: INS

The National Institute of Health (INS) noted that through routine genomic surveillance of SARSCoV-2, a continuous growth of the omicron variant was demonstrated compared to other variants that circulate in the national territory. For the director of INS, Martha Ospina, “Ómicron has shown its rapid weekly growth, going in the first week of circulation from

They authorized the oil exploitation off the coast of Mar del Plata

Through decree 900/2021, the national government approved this Thursday, December 30, seismic oil exploration in Argentine Sea, precisely on the shores of the city of Mar del Plata. The measure was approved by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié, and bears the signatures of the chief executive; the chief of staff, Juan

To free up beds, the Ile-de-France ARS asks hospitals to deprogram non-emergency operations

In January, Ile-de-France hospitals risk being overwhelmed. The regional health agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France asked health establishments in the region “To deprogram as much of the surgical and medical activities as possible” from Monday January 3, due to the influx of Covid patients. The Covid requisitions almost half of the beds Wave-submersion alert in Ile-de-France:

Israel begins giving 4th dose of vaccine to vulnerable people

Israel launched this Friday, December 31, a campaign for the administration of a fourth dose of anti-Covid vaccine to vulnerable people, in the hope of mitigating the effects of a new wave of contamination due to the spread of the variant. Omicron. A year almost to the day after launching a vast vaccination campaign in