Dragon Ball Super: the actors of the film Super Hero reveal themselves

The next animated film using the Dragon Ball Super license continues its teasing exercise as promised, and reveals those who will play some of its protagonists. After delivering a first trailer and, more recently, the movie poster, Toei Animation continues to prepare the ground for the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in 2022.

Colo Colo passes the ball to Felicevich for the renewal of Pizarro: “We hope that those who represent him will come closer”

Pass market Edmundo Valladares, helmsman of Blanco y Negro, affirmed that the doors of the Monumental are open for Vicho to continue being a white player. For Patricio Echagüe 23/12/2021 – 06:03hs CDT 23/12/2021 – 06:03hs CDT © UNO Agency.Pizarro’s contract with Colo Colo ends on December 31. In the Cacique they have not only

Do you know Frank Zappa well?

With his unique humor, biting wit and unwavering commitment to experimentation, Frank Zappa forever altered rock ‘n’ roll. The nascent counterculture icon developed a deep interest in avant-garde classical music and composition from his early years. Growing up, Zappa merged these early interests with doo-wop, psychedelic rock, and his own unique flair to create records