“2015 will not be repeated”

Whether interior minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP), SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner or German chancellor Angela Merkel – it has been repeated several times in Europe that the refugee crisis sparked by the civil war in Syria should not repeat itself in 2015. The migration expert Knaus showed incomprehension for those statements. He emphasized that the current

In the abyss

The Union is sinking in the polls, panic is spreading within the party. Today’s election campaign should bring about the turning point – and a CDU team could save the wavering candidate for chancellor. Markus Söder looks at the audience with such a mild smile, as if he were about to scratch a cat. Then

Calls to hatred against Kabylia: 4 individuals arrested in Oran

The police services of the wilaya of Oran have arrested 4 people for publishing hate messages inciting violence, indicates a press release from the DGSN made public yesterday Friday. “The elements of the brigade for the fight against cybercrime of the judicial police of the security of the wilaya of Oran proceeded to the arrest

*** BILDplus content *** Men explain exit – that’s why the Bachelorette only collects baskets

Here the men explain their voluntary exit | That’s why the bachelorette only collects baskets ● FOUR candidates have already voluntarily dropped out ● Is it the boring bachelorette of all time? Foto: maximeee/Instagram, TVNOW items from: Thomas Kielhorn & Tom Zinram published on 08/21/2021 – 2:05 pm This love engine still has a problem

A young Sétifienne wins the mental arithmetic world championship

An 11-year-old Algerian girl was awarded the first prize at the international mental arithmetic (mathematics) championship. Indeed, a young Algerian named Soujoud Ritej Rahahla, just 11 years old, stood out from a thousand other competitors of all nationalities and won the world championship in mental arithmetic. On August 18, 2021, the young schoolgirl from the

Hamburg students attack police officers: kicks in the head

The officer wanted to mediate – and was the target of brute force: After a brutal incident in which a group of schoolchildren attacked an officer, the State Criminal Police Office in Hamburg is investigating dangerous bodily harm. Students had kicked the 53-year-old officer in the head on Thursday afternoon in the Eimsbüttel district near

Arturo Reyes: "Junior has a very good payroll to compete"

Arturo Reyes, new technician of the Junior, spoke with The Lengthen from Snail Radio in the preview of his debut this Saturday in front of ‘Tiburon’. The strategist highlighted the work group he encountered, qualifying it as a good and competitive payroll. “The work the teacher was doing Luis (Perea)Suddenly he had difficult moments, but