Sirigu, back to the applause: but Vanya does not make him regret

Turin-Genoa saw Sirigu face the grenade for the first time as an opponent. Milinkovic-Savic, in front of his predecessor, did not look disfigured Sometimes they come back, but this time as adversaries, as happened to Salvatore Sirigu in yesterday’s match. The extreme defender of the Grifone has in fact challenged Torino for the first time

What is an eclipse?

For a few moments, our perception of the Moon or the Sun changes during an eclipse. What exactly happens during this astronomical phenomenon? Witnessing an eclipse is usually a sight you won’t forget. On the one hand, because it is an event that must be anticipated at least to benefit from it – there can

“Only men, that no longer fits in with the times”

In the debate about a reorientation of the CDU, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out in favor of more women in leadership positions in her party. “If you want to be a people’s party, you have to get close to parity and they want to,” said the long-time party leader of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”