Olivier Marchal soon in Here everything begins? He answers

Renowned director, equally effective actor, Olivier Marchal is one of the guests of honor at the Séries Mania Festival. The opportunity to review his career, to evoke TV fiction and to discover the astonishing role he almost played. 36 quai des Orfèvres, Les Lyonnais, Braquo, La Promesse, Les Rivières pourpres, Jacqueline Sauvage… Whether he is

The price of the dollar today and exchange rate August 27, 2021

When starting operations, the dollar price The US is trading this Friday, August 27, at an average of 20.37 a.m. sale and purchase at 20.36 at exchange offices located at the “Benito Juárez” International Airport in Mexico City. The exchange rate At the window, it is available at 20.63 pesos for sale at BBVA Mexico,

Serie A, Cagliari on Scamacca, CR7-Juve to the tail titles

Serie A transfer market / Ronaldo’s adventure at Juve is in the end credits, Manchester City wants the Portuguese After three seasons in black and white Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to leave Juve. The Portuguese has communicated to the Juventus club his desire to leave Turin to start a new adventure. Manchester City’s interest is

“City negotiates with United legend Ronaldo” | “Mbappé at the gates of Madrid”

Ronaldo dominates England’s front pages The return of Cristiano Ronaldo to England is causing a sensation on the island. The ‘Daily Express’ packs “City wants to sign Ronaldo” even on the front page. While Manchester City have reportedly already reached an agreement with the Portuguese superstar, the agreement between the clubs is still missing. The